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Project NameCompany NamePre-Bid DateBid DateBids In
UK-2393-24 RFP - UK Medical Center Cooling Tower Restoration
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing12/07/2023 10:00 AM ET01/04/2024 03:00 PM ET
36 Days
CCK-2590.16-1-24 Asset Preservation: Medium Voltage Distribution Upgrade
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing12/06/2023 10:00 AM ET01/04/2024 03:00 PM ET
36 Days
CCK-2627.0-1-24 11918 - A117 Replace AHU - 05
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing12/04/2023 10:00 AM ET12/22/2023 03:00 PM ET
23 Days
CCK-2590.3-1-24 Asset Preservation - Pence Hall - BP#01
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing11/27/2023 02:00 PM ET12/14/2023 03:00 PM ET
15 Days
CCK-2603.0-1-24 Princeton Ancillary Building – Residence Hall
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing11/21/2023 11:00 AM ET12/13/2023 03:00 PM ET
14 Days
CCK-2654.0-1-24 Pav H, HA Domestic Water and Waste Lines
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing11/15/2023 10:00 AM ET12/12/2023 03:00 PM ET
13 Days
KD-CC-0138-24 Cath Lab Flooring
Ashland, Kentucky
King's Daughters Medical Center11/21/2023 11:00 AM ET12/06/2023 03:00 PM ET
7 Days
CCK-2633.0-1-24 Warren Wright Med Plaza AHU-3 Replacement
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing10/30/2023 10:00 AM ET11/28/2023 03:00 PM ETBid Tab
CCK-2681.0-1-24 UKGS 6th Floor Repair Med Gas Outlets
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing11/02/2023 10:00 AM ET11/22/2023 03:00 PM ETBid Tab
CCK-2735.0-1-24 Seaton HPER Building Foam Roof Repair
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing10/30/2023 11:00 AM ET11/21/2023 03:00 PM ET
Post Bid
CCK-2602.0-1-24 Princeton Ancillary Building - Field Research Buildings Research Farm
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing11/01/2023 11:00 AM ET11/21/2023 03:00 PM ETBid Tab
UK-2380-24 RFP Memorial Coliseum - Fixed Audience Seating
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing10/06/2023 10:00 AM ET11/14/2023 03:00 PM ET
Post Bid
CCK-2638.0-1-24 UKGS - Landscaping
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing10/16/2023 01:00 PM ET11/09/2023 03:00 PM ETBid Tab
CCK-2675.0-1-24 PAV H. C368, 359, 377 Renovations
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing10/18/2023 10:00 AM ET11/08/2023 03:00 PM ETBid Tab
KD-CC-0127-24 Kingsbrook Lifecare Center Flooring Remodel
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing10/11/2023 02:00 PM ET11/02/2023 03:00 PM ET
Post Bid
UK King's Daughters - CC-19735-24 Pavilion Auditorium Remodel
Ashland, Kentucky
UK Purchasing10/12/2023 03:00 PM ET10/31/2023 03:00 PM ET
Post Bid
CCK-2636.0-1-24 UK - Good Samaritan - CRAC Unit Replacement
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing10/10/2023 10:00 AM ET10/31/2023 03:00 PM ETBid Tab
CCK-2607.0-1-24 Replace AHU 3 at PAV WH
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing09/13/2023 10:00 AM ET10/25/2023 03:00 PM ETBid Tab
CCK-2660-23 Medical Plaza Starbucks Renovation Re-Bid
Lexington, Kentucky
UK Purchasing09/23/2022 10:00 AM ET10/14/2022 03:00 PM ETBid Tab
UK King’s Daughters - HVAC Unit Installation
Ashland, Kentucky
King's Daughters Medical Center09/28/2023 12:00 PM ET